Meet My Management Team

The Coding Advantage Core Team

Marcia Vertal 

Data and Administrative Manager 

Marcia is dedicated to Data!  She sets up all of Coding Advantage processes through her sharp eye to detail and getting us set up right the first time. Marcia also has taken on the responsibility of keeping Sonda on task …which is not an easy job.

Marcia brings excellence to all areas by serving not only the company but all our clients by enhancing:

  • billing and auditing automation 
  • environmental best practices, setup, and access
  • business tracking, reporting, scheduling
  • administrative, technical, and special project support 
  • Marcia loves jogging and rock climbing and spending time with her husband, two adult kids, cat, and parrot!

Renee Fedele, CPC  

Billing Manager

Renee has an unbelievable eye for technology. She is a bridge between the IT department and the clients as she knows both sides of how things work.

  • It doesn’t matter what software you have your billing through…if you outsource to us, Renee will figure out how to run the software before you can blink!
  • She is known for figuring out and manipulating billing databases at their core set up. There hasn't been a database yet that she hasn't been able to dominate!
  • She will organize and set up your revenue cycle to run efficiently
  • Renee loves going on vacation, mostly Disney and relaxing on the beach
  • She has two awesome boys…who seem to like vacations, too!


Danielle Williams, CPC  

Billing Manager 

Danielle is quite the force to be reckoned with. She is often in the background but the minute there is an urgent client need she comes to the forefront takes charge and conquers the challenge!

  • Danielle manages some of our larger behavioral health clients
  • Holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and is passionate about policy and helping people
  • She loves the investigation needed to find ways to improve things for not just our clients but for the greater good in the behavioral health billing community
  • She’ll take on an insurance company in a hot minute and fight for our client’s rights! Rarely do we ever hear her say I give up- she just doesn’t!
  • She enjoys time with her husband, two boys and two huskies who also talk on Zoom meetings!
Having a sense of humor is vital to keeping our team connected and ready to serve our clients as well as our internal team members

Shout out to Meghan at Fiona's Coffee Bar and Bakery in Willoughby Ohio for setting us up with an awesome backdrop and delicious coffee

Our Staff

Our awesome team of billing, coding, and auditing professionals are all remote and located all over the United States giving us the edge of knowing specific state guidance needed to help organizations no matter where they do business. These team members are all dedicated to the success of our clients, and we are growing that team rapidly to provide all our clients the attention they deserve. We only hire those who fit our culture of accountability and dedication to our mission of serving healthcare practices both medical and behavioral health. Join our family of clients to experience your best year ever with a member of our dedicated team collecting revenue you deserve.

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