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NEW! Para-Professional Training now offered!

This one-hour course discusses the why behind what is entered into the medical record and its importance to the client and the organization. Attendees will gain confidence in the significance of their work and how to reflect that in documentation!

You have the option of choosing a digital course to learn on your own time or a live session with Sonda! 

The business of medicine is like the art of war! Make sure you get your training and education from the best! We bring best practice information supported through industry standard references directly to you with easy-to-understand instructional courses.

Whether you learn better through live instructor led training or self-paced we have the course to fit your educational needs. These training courses will give you the edge in navigating documentation, coding, billing, auditing and in understanding various healthcare regulations. We have you covered through our very well-developed courses. Some are quick and give you that short burst of focused information, some
are self-paced and allow you to work lessons in your timing until you feel comfortable.

Healthcare organizations depend on knowledgeable staff members for the financial health of their business. We have trained thousands of providers and numerous organizations who come back to us time and time again for all their training needs. We are now offering that sought after training through digital courses.

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