Medical Chart Auditing

Chart auditing to identify areas of risk and opportunity for documentation improvement

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  • Chart audits determine the accuracy of provider code selection

  • Risk Analysis based on services billed

  • Review for key aspects of the billing process, including provider's method for reporting visits, documentation of services, assignment of appropriate place of service, level selection for E&M and overall coding assignment

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FAQ: How many cases should you have reviewed for a baseline audit?

Our Recommendation:

  • 10 E&M encounters per year
  • 10 Surgical Cases per year
  • Keep in mind it's best to use a CPT utilization report to narrow the selection based on services most often billed by your practice.
  • Fees are typically priced at a per chart (encounter) fee.
  • Education is available in a group setting or a one-on-one personalized results for your provider. This may be done in person or remotely.

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