Team Recognition

Sarah Salyer  

Sara is super awesome!! She works on our ophthalmology clients, and they love her. Sara is a big cheerleader for our company and often mentions us on different platforms when providers are looking for a great billing company. Sara has worked in healthcare for over 20 years in various roles. While she misses the patient interaction, working from home has afforded her the flexibility to be a more involved mom. She is able to help out on field trips or holiday parties, which are things she had always had to miss in the past.

Fun fact – Sara has never been to Florida which is very un-Ohioan!

Rebecca Mosier    

Rebecca is newer to Coding Advantage and boy did we get lucky bringing her on! She also works on our ophthalmology clients and a bit on the behavioral health side. She takes efficiency and productivity seriously and we knew right away with the way she learned both client systems and got to work we just had to recognize her efforts early on to say…we see you fitting our culture and we are proud!!

Fun fact – One of Rebecca’s favorite things to do is to go on road trips to explore new areas with her husband and children. Don’t forget to take your laptop!

Tammy Reeves    

Tammy works on one of our clients out of Manhattan, New York (Where Sonda loves to do client visits) as well she manages revenue cycle for an Ohio based OB/GYN. Both clients are happy to have her on the AR!! Tammy is so great at managing out of network provider challenges and negotiating that arena…it’s a major skill set!

Fun fact – Tammy loves the beach and her grandbabies!!  She thinks she is boring, but we think she is cool!

Wayne Williams     

Wayne works on our behavioral health clients. One of our bigger clients, Wayne manages all the provider issues and getting claims submitted quickly once we know the credentialing has been fixed. He is the KING of spreadsheets, and he is one of our only guys…there are two!! Wayne is also a Certified Healthcare Safety Professional!

Fun fact – Wayne enjoys being outside with his family and friends. Nature walks through the metro parks, fishing at one of the local ponds, or just sitting around a campfire enjoying great company. The smell of campfire is one of his favorites! Sounds like we can find a candle for that to put in his workspace!! We are on it Wayne.


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