Team Recognition

Renee Fedele

Renee is one of our Rev Cycle Managers. She has been a core team member long enough to say she remembers when we had less than 5 people!

She has quite a knack for new structures and hasn’t met a billing system she couldn’t conquer!!! Watching her navigate around a software system that she received access to just 5 minutes prior is mindboggling.  

Fun Fact: Renee’s kids love to travel with her, and they try to go somewhere new every year. This year is New Orleans. She also loves riding Zeus, her horse who is 17 years old and lots of fun.

     Tiffany Young   

Tiffany has quickly risen to a management level position with Coding Advantage’s billing team. She is a real go getter, and we refer to her as our report wizard. If you want the numbers to look good…send it to Tiffany!!!

She is really good at tackling the harder software billing systems. She also had to educate Coding Adv’s CEO on how to communicate better through Microsoft Teams!! 😂

Fun Fact: Tiffany loves riding her motorcycle as well as playing video games with her husband and kiddos.

    Marcia Vertal    

Marcia plays a crucial role at Coding Advantage, managing various aspects such as IT, onboarding new team members, and handling client leads.  She is our Data Queen!  Her responsibilities also extend to the unique task of keeping Coding Adv’s CEO grounded, which truly deserves recognition as a full-time job! 😂

Fun Fact:  Marcia has a 33-year-old parrot (say hi to Victor in the photo)!  She really loves outdoor activities - in early September she hiked to Trail Crest on Mount Whitney in California at elevation 13,700 feet!

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