Team Recognition

  Colleen Wingfield  

Colleen is our quiet superstar. Her background is in SUD facility billing. She is a wiz and handles the billing for both our MH and addiction clients. She picks up on clients’ software in a flash and gets right to work. Call her once, mention what is needed, and by the end of the day the work is done!! 

Fun Fact - Colleen likes playing guitar, going on road trips, taking photos, and being outdoors.  

     Beth Smith    

What can we say about Beth. She is super dedicated. We’ve had her on emergency client calls in her car while traveling to see a family member in the hospital. She handles pretty much any request we make to meet the goals of our clients. She is willing to work however long it takes to get a special project finished. We are blessed to have such a worker bee who cares about our client’s revenue so deeply!!! 

Fun Fact – Beth is a huge Disney fan. She and her husband go to Walt Disney World every fall and she has 4 Disney-related tattoos. 

    Connie Manberg    

Connie is also that quiet force behind the work. She is so resourceful and efficient in the work she gets done for our clients! Her teammates just absolutely love her, and she was nominated by peers to be recognized!! We struck gold when we hired this quiet but powerful billing star!! Pictured here with her family in the Lucy and Desi Museum because her daughter is a big I Love Lucy fan.  

Fun Fact – Connie is known for helping any stray animal that she can.  The estimated total of rescues is over 100, wow.  She has 5 cats of her own (all strays) and one dog who thinks he is a cat because they are always rubbing on him and stealing his bed. 


 Natalie Tremaine     

Natalie took to the company like a fish in water. She was hired to assist our IT guru, Marcia, to continue to standardize the work process and assist with client IT needs which frees up Marcia’s time to continue pushing the company to the next level. Boy are we impressed!! She has caught on to all the processes and has voluntarily assisted in marketing and working with Sonda on digital course creation. We absolutely love having her as a new addition to our company and it says a lot to be recognized as a standout in the few months she has been with us! 

Fun Fact – Natalie’s dream is to own a farm with her family filled with goats, chickens, and alpacas! 


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